Image header 3:1 ratio

Your maximum width header element with a fixed 3:1 aspect ratio and an optional headline.

Item-ID: 07-012

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Sample view per device


Create header element

  • Header elements are only selectable as elements in the header area (Kopfbereich) of your page.
  • Click on the + Content button and select the Header-Media Element (3:1-ratio) element under the Widgets tab.

Insert medium

  • To insert an image, click Add media file in the General tab.
  • Select an image file from your file list or upload a file to the appropriate folder.
  • To insert a video, click Add media by URL & paste the full URL of a YouTube or Vimeo video into the mask that appears in an overlapped window.

Insert headline (optional)

  • You have the option to place a Headline.
  • In the Content tab, an H2 tag is assigned by default. If necessary, change this setting via Type and Headline Size (more about Headlines ❯).

Headline position

  • In the Settings tab, you can use the Vertical and Horizontal Position to determine the exact position of your headline.

File sizes

General notes for files:
  • When using photographs, the file format JPEG is recommended. Graphics can also be PNG files.
  • In toujou, media files must not exceed a size of 8 MB.
  • Each file only needs to be uploaded once to your filelist.
  • Each file can be edited in the image editor for different devices and used multiple times on your website in various elements.
Advice for header videos:
  • Be sure to use a moderate file size as this may affect the performance of your website.
  • When embedded, platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo insert links and suggestions to the screen that may seem out of place in the header. For this, the inclusion of a video as a media content element might be advisable.

Screen adaptation

The behavior of the Header media element 3:1 is illustrated by the sample views shown above: Regardless of the device, the medium always remains in full display.

This element is useful, if all image information should be transported on all devices and your header image/video should not be cut off at the sides. It always retains its aspect ratio regardless of the device.

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