Analytics settings

Connect your website with various monitoring tools, especially the Google Search Console. This requires a little knowledge and experience in dealing with these tools.

Tab: »Analytics«

Manual  Pieces of advice

Step by step

How to include analysis tools

  • Google Search Console: the meta tag »Google-Site-Verification« ensure the ownership of your website.
  • Google Analytics ID: once you have activated your User ID (in your Analytics account) and created a User ID view, enter your Google Analytics ID in the input field. toujou implements this ID automatically in the tracking code, which collects information for the Search Console.
  • Anonymize IP: in the drop-down bar you define whether you want to anonymise the IP address of your website (active) or whether the IP address should be visible (inactive).
  • Google API Key: here you set your Google API Key which controls the functionality of Google Maps, Routes, and Places.
  • Click on the Save button above the workspace.

Pieces of advice

toujou is based on TYPO3 and anyone familiar with TYPO3 knows that there are many different options to use to reach your desired results. We would like to point out important information and little tricks that can assist you when you’re creating and editing your website.

Before you follow the steps above please check if you're already signed up to the Google Search Console. If so, check if your user ID is enabled in the Analytics account.

Microsoft also offers a console for its search engine, the Bing Webmaster Tools. There you can optimize your website for indexing in Bing. Again, you must first create your own account to use these services.