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TYPO3 tool for genuine content. Not your average website builder.

Website with TYPO3. Free testing. Make an immediate start. An efficient way to work. Secure for you and your visitors. Advice with a human touch. Developed independently for businesses. All the benefits of a website builder. No catch. This is toujou.

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toujou is high-quality, affordable and without any »update plugin security gaps again crashed troubleshooting« nonsense. Instead, you have the time and resources to jump on creating content: high-quality videos, really good pictures, quality texts – to bring your story to life.

– Lorenz Schreiber, Elmografico

✓ A website that suits your tastes.
✓ No programming knowledge required.
✓ At a fair price. 

This is exactly what you get with toujou. See for yourself: You are already using – at this very moment – a website built with toujou and based on the TYPO3 content management system. Good to know: You don’t have to be a professional to set up a professional website. Quite the opposite, in fact. You can start straight away – we have done all the preparations. But if you need support: There is always someone who can help. At one of the toujou partners or actually with us.

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System and infrastructure

Includes hosting, IT security, and backup. We take care of the technology, so you concentrate on your strategy.

SEO, content, and the like

Marketing professionals love the responsive design, TYPO3 blog, redirects, YOAST SEO, and lots more besides.

Non-stop development

We take care of updates, ongoing development, and patches. So you can cross these off your to-do list.

Seminars and know-how

New impetus, knowledge transfer, and digital success thanks to regular workshops and training.

✓ 2 decades of experience.
✓ 1 team of self-confessed nerds.
✓ Regional but global. 

From Fürth near Nuremberg – for the world: We have been planning, developing, and running web solutions for almost two decades. toujou provides the experience and expertise for countless web projects at small and medium-sized businesses. Our mission: To show there is another way. In other words, with a moderate budget, reliable technology, and a sustainable approach to resources and data. Which is why we, a team of self-confessed nerds, developed toujou.

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